nyohomo the handwriting challenge you tagged me in… can i type it? i’ll use mla format

Only a very few people can be independent: it is a prerogative of the strong. And when independence is attempted by someone who has the right to it, but does not need it, we have proof that this man is probably not only strong, but bold to the point of recklessness. He ventures into a labyrinth, he multiplies life’s inevitable dangers a thousandfold, and not the least among these is the absence of any person to see how and where he is going astray, becoming isolated, being rent apart piece by piece in the cave of some Minotaur of the conscience. Assuming that such a person perishes, he perishes so far away from the understanding of human beings that they do not feel it or feel it for him – and he cannot go back again! Not even to the pity of humans!

—Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil (via sisyphean-revolt)

the best way to trick boys into liking you is being someone they’re emotionally and romantically attracted to.


just wanna go on forest exploring dates with someone i like

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last night i told a bunch of people that were over at my house playing board games that i was on shrooms

i kept asking “is this real” and “are you seeing this” about like the microwave and the carpet and shit

I got new stationary. I will write you a letter. Send me your address.

is that porn? let’s investigate further

But if you want to be friends with me, then fuck yeah let’s nap together and have dream parties.

If you want to date me, please consider the fact that I probably sleep like 14 hours a day and reevaluate your choices.

this bitch has me fucked up